HDYS Leather Sleeve Jackets?

One of the more widespread street style trends for this season is the leather sleeve jacket.  The contrasting effect makes any look more graphic and unique, while leather in and of itself adds edge and a sleek look to the rest of an outfit.  Below are several examples of how fashion bloggers across the internet have styled their own versions of the trend with their personal wardrobes.

First is an army green, military-inspired jacket with leather sleeves styled by Robyn Mayday, who paired the jacket with a simple graphic shirt, black leggings, and military style boots.  The simple accessorizing, using only the gold necklace, keeps the look from seeming too fussy.


This look comes from Wendy’s Lookbook, featuring a white linen blazer-style jacket with black leather sleeves.  I love how graphic the jacket is, but how Wendy paired it with a simple pair of light wash jeans and a grey tee to keep it from looking overly graphic and bold.  The chain-accented black bag makes the look more edgy, but doesn’t distract from the graphic jacket, the focal point of the ensemble.


Last, a leather sleeved, oversized coat styled by Style Lover, who left the coat open to reveal dainty scalloped edge shorts which contrast the strong, menswear feel of the coat.  The shorts work with the heels and accessories to keep the look feminine.


Get the Look!

Blu Pepper Faux Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket, $68.00

Forever 21 Coated Sleeve Varsity Jacket, $29.80


I hope this post inspired you to try the leather sleeve trend for yourself this fall and winter!





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Instagram: raerush726


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