HDYS Brocade?

Possibly the most fresh-off-the-runway fall trend are brocade pieces.  Brocade fabrics naturally give structure to clothing it makes up, while brocade print adds a graphic, oriental-inspired feel to any outfit.  Below are four simple ways to incorporate brocade printed pieces into everyday ensembles.

First, we have a pair of red and black brocade print jeans styled by Song of Style.  She paired the jeans with a studded shirt, also extremely on trend at the moment.  I love how subtle the brocade print is in this look, as opposed to a more in-your-face brocade look that’s been seen on the runways this year.

The next look comes from Stella’s Wardrobe, and features a much more obvious brocade dress.  The mandarin collar on the dress pays homage to the oriental side of the brocade trend.  She keeps the look from being too costumey by pairing it with black accessories, weighing down the high shine of the dress a bit.

Next, a styled white brocade jacket from Aminta Online, which I love because, since it’s in a thicker brocade fabric, it has strong structure, but it’s not obvious that the fabric is brocade unless seen from a close range.

Last, we have another pair of brocade print jeans from Wendy’s Lookbook.  These are more obvious than the first pair, using contrasting colors and a more graphic overlay.  Pairing the jeans with a loose, navy top counteracts the tight fit of the jeans and keeps the look from being too busy.  Additionally, the gold sequin collar keeps the top from looking too boring in comparison to the bottom half of the outfit.

Get the Look!

Forever 21 Collared Brocade Sheath Dress, $24.80

GoJane Brocade Printed Skinny Jeans, $44.90

River Island Black Brocade Skirt, $56 (£35)

Boohoo Gina Glitter Brocade Top, $30.00


I hope this inspired you to try incorporating brocade pieces into your own wardrobe!





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