HDYS Peplums for Fall?

If there’s any trend that’s managed to stick around more than any other, it’s the peplum.  They began gaining popularity this past spring, and they’re still around, runways and streets, this fall and winter.

So, I decided that, since this trend is here to stay, I’d share some of the best ways to style the peplum trend for fall and winter.

First is a striped peplum top paired with a racing stripe pencil skirt from Late Afternoon.  I love how she created a very graphic look with the entirely black and white outfit with the bright pink chunky necklace as a pop of color.  The “racing stripe” effect on the skirt is also a massive trend for fall, and ties in perfectly to this look without seeming gimmicky or tacky.

The next comes from Song of Style, one of my absolute favorite fashion blogs.  First of all, her peplum skirt is already more updated than most with a more geometric, modern look to it as opposed to the classic silhouette of a peplum.  Worn high waisted with a graphic tee, the look has a more casual feel.  She keeps it from looking too casual, however, by adding bold red shoes and a lime green structured jacket.  Overall, I absolutely love how graphic and bold the styling is, and personally, this is definitely a look I would wear.

The next look comes from Miss Pouty, who incorporated a peplum into her look through this structured peplum jacket.  I love the idea of a peplum jacket as opposed to a dress or skirt, as it modernizes the trend, and even verges a bit on military, which is also a massive trend for fall.

Last, we have this look from Penny Pincher Fashion, featuring a softer peplum tank layered under a structured blazer.  I love that you only get a peek of the peplum at the front, making the look more subtle.  The ankle trousers and simple shoes add to the look overall, giving it a more classic silhouette.

Get the Look!

GoJane Two-Tone Peplum Skirt, $21.90

Forever 21 Jacquard Peplum Top, $19.80

YESSTYLE Single-Button Peplum Jacket, $31.50

ASOS A Wear Peplum Skirt, $36.94

I hope this inspired you to keep wearing your peplum pieces through fall, or jump on the peplum bandwagon if you haven’t already!  What’s your favorite way to style a peplum?  Let me know in the comments!


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Instagram: raerush726


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