Look for Less: Once Upon a Time

If there’s one thing people learn about me very quickly, it’s my mild obsession with TV shows.  I’ll be the first to admit, I really do watch too much.  But that’s beside the point…one of my very favorite TV shows is Once Upon a Time, which comes on every Sunday on ABC if you live in the US.  Now, because of my avid TV obsession, I decided to start doing Look for Less posts inspired by the fashion shown on the small screen in popular TV shows.  I chose to start with Once Upon a Time because it’s one of my personal favorite shows, and I think the stylists for that show do a great job portraying an attainable, on-trend, wearable style for each character.

1.  Emma Swan

Emma Swan, played by the lovely Jennifer Morrison, is the main character of OUAT, and began the season as a bounty hunter, which shows through in her style.  She is nearly always wearing some sort of leather jacket with a simple pair of jeans, usually topped off with her signature brown leather boots.

Emma’s signature piece, which is constantly shown onscreen, is her classic red leather jacket.  The show’s stylists pair it with nearly everything Emma wears onscreen, including tank tops, sweaters, and whatever else she happens to be wearing.

For US readers, the JC Penney Collection B Faux Leather Jacket in red, for $50 works perfectly.

For you UK readers out there, try the La Redoute Faux Leather Biker Jacket in brick red for £35.00.  Personally, I prefer this one to the JC Penney jacket, as I find it looks a bit more like a real leather jacket, which is fairly surprising for a jacket that price.

A second Emma Swan signature are her rugged brown leather, lace-up boots.  Now, these were a little harder to find on a budget, as brown leather boots can typically run from $300 and up to the thousands.  The first option I found is from PacSun, called the Qupid Rush Boots, for $43.87.  These boots are similar to Emma’s in the overall look and lace-up feature, but have a slight heel, while Emma’s are more rugged and completely flat.  I do, however, think that for that price, it’s a complete steal.

The second option of boots is more expensive, but still a cut from the cost of most leather boots on the market.  The DSW Crown Vintage Sky Combat Boots in brown run for $139.95, but, as I said, you must remember that the higher price will mean higher quality.  Personally, I prefer this pair, as they appear more rugged and sturdy throughout the leg portion of the boot, but the PacSun boots are an incredibly priced alternative.

2.  Mary Margaret Blanchard

Also known as Snow White in the fairy-tale world, Mary Margaret, played by the beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin, has a quite opposite style to Emma, laced with feminine, vintage flavor and delicate touches.

Typically, Mary Margaret looks like a poster girl for Anthropologie, donning cardigans, collars, and lace.

As the weather cools down, however, Mary Margaret is dressed in chic berets and oversized, classic silhouette coats.

The first example I found of an affordable version of a Mary Margaret style swing coat comes from Forever 21, called the Wool-Blend Swing Coat in red for only $21.40.  Yes, you read that right.  $21.40 for a classic silhouette swing coat worthy of Mary Margaret.

Slightly on the pricier side, but a little sturdier and more nicely made, is the Modcloth For Heat’s Sake Jacket for $67.99.

As for her chic berets, I’ve got a handful of options for those as well!

The first delicate, OUAT-worthy beret comes from Charlotte Russe, the Leaf Patterned Knit Beret for only $7.50.

The second beret I found is the Forever 21 Pearlescent Beret in mint for $8.80.

3.  Ruby

Also known as Red Riding Hood in the fairy tale world (if you don’t watch the show, this will more than likely seem completely confusing to you, I apologize.), Ruby dresses in almost all red and black all of the time.  She has my personal favorite style of anyone on the show, which is why I chose to feature her as my third OUAT character as opposed to a more main female character like Regina.

One of my favorite outfits Ruby has ever worn was on the most recent episode, featuring a pair of leather leggings, a felt hat, a gold-tipped collared red shirt, and a leather jacket.  A long gold necklace kept it from getting too boring or harsh.  Coming from someone who wears WAY too many contrasty/harsh colors, I absolutely adore her constant red & black combination.

I’m quite proud to say that I think I found the EXACT top Ruby wears in this episode, which is the Urban Outfitters Nom De Plume Western Tipped Shirt in red for $39.99, not a bad price for such a unique piece!

Leather pants are extremely in right now, so it didn’t take long to find a suitable, affordable pair which look similar to Ruby’s.  The GoJane Leatherette Pants for $32.20 stay within budget and look



So that’s all I’ve got for y’all today!  I hope you enjoyed it.  What TV shows or movies would you like me to do “look for less” posts on in the future?  Let me know in the comments!





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