Feature Friday: Blake Lively

If there’s anyone who has climbed the fashion ladder in record time with both their street and red carpet style, it’s Blake Lively.  The Gossip Girl star has gained massive popularity since the show began rising in viewership, and she has developed a signature style which is admired and longed for by nearly anyone who sees her clothing choices.  Not to mention that she recently became Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, which is something to be envied by anyone.  So, when a reader commented on my Feature Friday last week asking for a Blake Lively feature, I couldn’t say no.  I chose to do all street style, at least this time, to keep the outfit suggestions casual and attainable.  Just as a hint, in the future, I might do a post on Gossip Girl style, though I don’t watch it, because it has clearly become one of the most stylish shows on TV today.

Blake’s signature silhouette for fall and winter street style are loose, bulky pieces on top with a slim line down the leg, and she almost always finishes off the look with a sleek, simple heel.  For this particular look, the loose, oatmeal cardigan works perfectly alongside the burgundy waxed finish jeans and her ever-tousled blonde hair pulled back into a voluminous low ponytail.

In this look (I apologize if this is a still from the show) Blake once again shows off a bulkier top with streamlined bottoms, but with a refreshing twist.  Her structured, open coat is just loose enough to show off the collar of the cowl-neck sweater she has on underneath.  Additionally, she’s giving graphic leggings a classy, fall-appropriate twist by wearing them in a neutral plaid print which just barely peeks out of her thigh-height boots.  I’m personally SO obsessed with this look, especially the leggings, and now I’m desperate to find one of each of these pieces for myself.

These two looks are quite similar stylistically, with loose, long coats, but Blake has styled them in very different ways to achieve different looks.  In the first look, Blake has simply closed and belted the coat to wear it like a dress with only a pair of neutral heels as an accessory.  In the second look, however, Blake has on a neutral dress, tights, statement booties, and a vintage-inspired floppy felt hat.  The first look is very classic and simple, whereas the second has more interest and a more unique feel.  These two looks show the extreme versatility of classic pieces, which Blake Lively never hesitates to take advantage of in her street style.

In the final two looks I’m showing you today, Blake keeps with the loose on top, streamlined bottom theme, but with less exaggerated and bulky silhouettes on top.  The first look features an extremely simple denim jacket and grey tee with a printed scarf, statement bag, studded ankle boots, and simple black leggings.  Now, I’ve tried to show versatility in Blake’s outfits in this post, but just for the record, Blake Lively has countless street style looks featuring a pair of black leggings.  If you’re wanting to adopt Blake’s easygoing style, that’s an easy place to start.

The second look features a structured felt jacket on top with a powder blue scarf, a simple pair of jeans, and black leather boots.  The look has a classic fall silhouette, keeping in the structured top/slim bottom theme Blake has adopted.


If you’re like me and you’re practically sitting at your computer with a pint of ice cream crying, “WHY CAN’T I LOOK LIKE BLAKE LIVELY,” then put away the ice cream and keep scrolling, because I’ve found several budget-friendly, Blake Lively style pieces for you to start adopting some Blake-style looks into your own wardrobe.  Enjoy!


1.  Oversized Top
1.  Nordstrom Cotton Emporium Oversized Cardigan, $38.00

2.  Forever 21 Wrap-Around Sweater Cardigan, $29.80

3.  Forever 21 Longline Military Jacket, $42.80

4.  Forever 21 Shawl Lapel Longline Jacket, $39.80

2.  Slim Pants

1.  Forever 21 Ribbed Diamond Pattern Leggings, $11.80

2.  Akira Plaid Leggings, $24.90

3.  Classic Accessories

1.  Forever 21 Pointed Faux Suede Pumps, $19.80

2.  GoJane Metallic Cap Toe Pump, $22.90

3.  GoJane Knit Fringe Scarf, $20.70

4.  Forever 21 Buckled Floppy Hat, $19.80


I hope this post inspired you to try out some Blake-style outfits yourself!  Who would you like to see in future Feature Friday posts?  Let me know in the comments!





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