HDYS Studs?

There’s something about wearing studs that makes you instantly feel more edgy.  Any outfit with studs added can give a rocker edge that you can’t get from anywhere else, but in a simple way that doesn’t seem overdone.  That’s why I love adding pieces with studs to an outfit – to add a bit of edge to an otherwise soft or simple outfit.

The first studded look comes from Carla of The Fashion Through My Eyes, who wore a relatively simple high-low dress with a red bag serving as a pop of color, and studded booties serving as the statement piece of the outfit.  The shoes keep the outfit from looking excessively sweet and simple, and add a bit of an edge that the outfit would otherwise lack.

The next studded outfit is from Song of Style, one of my personal favorite fashion blogs, who styled a loose studded tee with a pair of black shorts and heels to keep the look from being too harsh.  Color is introduced to the outfit with a vibrant blue leather bag and bright coral bracelet.

Lastly, we have Laura from Dreams and Dresses, who styled a simple white top with studded sleeve and neckline detailing with a pair of black leggings and casual moccasins.  The simple silver necklace and bracelets keep the look sleek and elegant.  I love the juxtaposition of the floaty, elegant white top with the hard-edged structure of the studs, and overall the styling of the outfit is extremely well done, keeping it casual but not overly casual.


As always, I’ve found a number of affordable studded clothes and accessories for all of you to browse through and try out the trend for yourselves.

1.  GoJane Studded Collar Button-Up Blouse, $31.70

2.  GoJane Studded Flyaway Cardigan, $31.10

3.  ASOS River Island Studded Leggings, $38.70


Hope this post inspired you to try out the studded trend this season!  How would YOU style this trend?  Let me know in the comments!





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