HDYS the Long Bob Haircut?

Alexa Chung.  Olivia Palermo.  Elizabeth Olsen.

What do these three women have in common?  They all sport this fall’s most popular haircut: the long bob.

Personally, this is a haircut I’m absolutely obsessed with.  Especially worn messy, it’s incredibly chic and modern, and is without a doubt the “it” cut for this season.

It’s a simple cut, honestly, and the messy finish that’s gained popularity is relatively easy to style, depending on your natural hair type.  Below, you’ll find two different ways to style the long bob based on your natural hair type.  Use the guide below, and you’ll be the chicest girl on the block.

1. Naturally Textured/Wavy Hair

First up is Alexa Chung’s infamous messy long bob that sent every hair junkie into a frenzy.  A blunt cut with layering towards the front of the face, it’s an easy cut to achieve, but the look is all in the styling.  Personally, I would apply some texturizing product to wet hair, then let it air dry, especially if your hair has any natural wave to it.  Once it’s all the way dry, I would grab a large barrel curling iron and some texture spray (or dry shampoo.  The Suave brand of dry shampoo actually works perfectly for some extra dry texture.), spray the dry shampoo into my hair and shake it out, then loosely wrap random chunks of hair around the barrel of the curling iron.  Make sure to switch the direction you’re wrapping every few chunks of hair to make it look messier, and you should quickly end up with a “my-hair-just-did-this-on-its-own” Alexa Chung look.

2.  Naturally Smooth/Straight Hair

Does your hair dry naturally smooth, silky, or straight?  Well, you lucky ducks can easily achieve the Olivia Palermo look.

Start with wet hair, and apply a frizz control serum to ensure the smooth texture of the final product.  Next, begin blow drying until your hair is about 80% dry, then begin using a round brush alongside the blow dryer to help enhance shine and a smooth texture to the hair.  Once your hair is completely dry, for a straight look, just touch up the ends with a straightener and apply some oil or shine serum to keep the look sleek.  For a wavy look, grab a large barrel curling iron and wrap up to halfway up the section of hair on the iron.
Make sure to always curl away from the face for this look, once the whole head of hair is curled, use a light veil of hairspray, but not too much so as to not remove any shine or softness.

Use whichever of these two tutorials best fits your natural hair type, and you’re guaranteed a chic, trendy hairstyle that will be the envy of every woman you know.

Thanks for reading!  Will you be trying the long bob anytime soon?  Let me know in the comments!


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