Feature Friday: Demi Lovato

A new X Factor host with incredible success with her most recent album, Demi Lovato has come back from the shadows and taken the pop culture world by storm.  She has this persona about her that you just have to love.  Unlike some stars, she comes off as extremely relatable and sweet, and with her incredible story, it’s hard not to like her.

With her long, tousled, dip dye hair, edgy fashion touches, and trendy overall style, Demi has quickly made a name for herself in the fashion world as well.  She’s undeniably come an extremely long way from her Disney days, which is why I’ve chosen to feature her this week.

Her style changes based on current trends, but she has adopted leather, studs, and edgy touches as her signature.

Her usual silhouette includes body hugging pieces or dresses and skirts that cinch in at her natural waist and flare out, like skater dresses or flared skirts.

Overall, Demi’s style is surprisingly easy to duplicate.  She dresses cute and trendy with edgy touches, which can easily be achieved, especially with the current most popular trends.  Additionally, Demi often shops at Topshop, which makes the majority of her more casual pieces easy and budget friendly to purchase for yourself.

Most of the pictures above are from the recent X Factor auditions, and several are from Topshop or equally common places, however, because the auditions were during the summer, the pieces she wore are no longer available.  BUT, I found many pieces that look extremely similar to things she has worn in the past, on a budget!  Here are the pieces I have found to give you a signature Demi Lovato look without breaking the bank.
1. Skater Dress

1. Topshop Textured Pleat Tunic in Neon Coral, $52.00

2.  GoJane Leather Skater Dress, $24.00

3.  Romwe Retro Printing Blue Dress, $37.99

2.  Edgy Jacket

1. GoJane Spiked Denim Jacket, $55.20

2.  GoJane Studded Leather Jacket, $64.40

3.  Forever 21 Studded Denim Moto Vest, $24.80

One of the skater dresses paired with an edgy jacket will give the same feminine-meets-edgy style Demi achieves in each of her ensembles.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Who would you like to see in future Feature Friday posts?  Let me know in the comments!


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