HDYS Military Inspired Pieces?

One of the largest trends coming up for fall and winter is the military inspired trend.  Don’t skip this post already, military inspired doesn’t have to mean strange and costumey.  Actually, quite the opposite.  It’s all about a structured, rough silhouette and look, and it’s a style anyone can pull off.

The first example of this trend comes from Fash Boulevard, who styled a military inspired coat from Zara with feminine pieces underneath to balance it out and keep it from looking too harsh.  The nude heels top off the outfit simply, keeping the focal point of the outfit on the coat.

Above is a more casual representation of the military trend from Fyndigt by Frieda.  The vest is the military focus of this ensemble, paired with high tops, a leather jacket, and a dress.  The leather underneath furthers the military effect, while the dress peeking out from underneath it all softens the outfit.

Another casual look, this time coming from An Urban Explorer, shows military inspiration through the wedge booties and jacket.  The high waisted cutoff shorts and graphic tee simplify the look while adding interest.

The last look I found is from She Wears Fashion, who styled a military vest with sleek leather leggings, a leather jacket, and a simple graphic tee.  The simple beanie adds interest in a simple way, while the studded shoes help to toughen the look more.

Want to try this style yourself for less money?  Here’s some pieces I found on the internet on a reasonable budget that all follow the military trend to a T.

1.  Forever 21 Knit Military Coat, $34.80

2.  GoJane Buckle Combat Boots, $25.30

3.  GoJane Military Leather Combination Jacket, $58.70

4.  GoJane Military High Waist Pants, $28.80

Hope this helps you all get a head start on the military trend for fall and winter.  Thanks for reading!


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