HDYS High Tops?

Ahh, the 80’s.  Vibrant colors, crazy silhouettes, and outlandish, eccentric style.  Though most people would look back at the 80’s and think of the fashion of the time as quite tacky, I’ve got to admit that I kind of love it.  I find the over-the-top aspect of everything from that decade really interesting and playful.

Loads of 80’s style pieces are coming back in at the moment, but perhaps the most controversial is the high top.  Yes, you read that right.  You’ve probably seen them around, but yes, I am talking about a classic Reebok, Nike, or Supra high top in a vibrant color.

I have to say, this one took a little while to grow on me, but I got used to seeing them around, and I’ve really grown to like them.  So here’s a post showing several different ways to wear a pair of high tops in a fashionable way, without looking like the 80’s puked all over you.



My first style sample today comes from the lovecats inc, who styled a pair of black high tops from ebay with a pair of drape fit shorts and a slouchy sweater.  I adore the styling of this, because the shoes are extremely unexpected compared to the rest of the outfit, but they don’t stick out in an obnoxious way.  In fact, for a pair of high tops, they surprisingly sink into the background of this outfit.



The next style sample comes from Ashley Madekwe, who I absolutely ADORE, at Ring My Bell.  She styled a pair of Isabel Marant high top wedges with an unexpected, edgy leather skirt.  I love the juxtaposition of the edgy, but still nice black skirt paired with a top and shoes that seem to be a completely different style.  Altogether, it works perfectly.  This is the epitome of why I love Ashley Madekwe, she’s just amazing at styling unexpected pieces together.



Next, we have a pair of red Zara high tops styled by Fashion Agony.

You’ll all find out soon enough that I really love black, gray, and white clothes.  Quite boring, really, but I just love really contrasty colors together.  So this outfit miiiiight be my favorite out of any of the high top styling I’ve seen.  The outfit itself is pretty simple, though amped up by the coated Topshop leggings, but the bright red high tops keep the outfit from looking boring.  Absolutely love this outfit.


The main problem for me is that I have a hard time finding cute high tops in my price range, and I’m sure I’m not alone here…so I’ve looked all over the internet and found some equally fashionable, but still affordable, pairs of high tops for y’all to check out.


1.  GoJane high top wedge sneakers, $30.50 (These come in several other colors, as well as a metallic version, and have a very similar look to the Isabel Marant sneakers)


2.  Target Xhilaration Susie High Top Sneakers, $24.99

3.  Pastry Varsity Strap High Tops from dELiA*s, $54.50

Side note: Delia’s has some really, really amazing high tops in stock at the moment.  Including a pair of killer animal print Nike’s.  Buuuuut those are all over $60, and I was trying to give you all affordable examples.  HOWEVER, if you’re ready to shell out a bit more cash, I suggest checking delia’s(:


Thanks for reading, and sorry for such a long post!  I guess I’m just a bit excited about this trend, can you tell?  Anyways, I’m doing my very first ever “feature friday” tomorrow morning, which will be focused on budget-conscious clothing and trends inspired by a certain celebrity or fashion blogger.  I’ll be doing them every week, tomorrow it will be centered around a particular UK singer whose style I’ve come to really love.  And she sort of ties in with this post….oooooooooooh, the suspense.  Any guesses?

Anyway, please check back tomorrow!




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