Feature Friday: Jade Thirlwall

I have to admit, when boy and girl bands started popping up all over the music scene, I basically ignored them.  I mean really, the idea of a girl band makes me think of some cheesy 90’s moment in the music industry.

But then, I saw Little Mix on X Factor UK (Yes, I live in the US, but the UK version of the show is almost always better.) and I, to my own surprise, became a big fan.  Especially with their unique, quirky, eclectic style.  Maybe not something I would wear in daily life, but I still love their wardrobes, especially the style of Jade Thirlwall.  Her signature piece is a bow on every outfit, which is preparing to have a large fashion moment, as well as high tops (told you yesterday’s post would tie in!) and clothes with a major 80’s vibe, also trending at the moment.

So, in today’s post, I’m going to show you how to get a head-to-toe Jade Thirlwall outfit on a budget.  Hope you enjoy it!

Quite possibly the most iconic Jade Thirlwall signature are her nerdy accessories.  Suspenders and bow ties are two of her most commonly worn accessories, usually styled with button downs and shorts.

I find that not enough people embrace the bow tie trend, even though it’s honestly really wearable.  Toss it on with a button down instead of a necklace and it gives the whole outfit a preppy, nerdy-cute vibe.

1.  Bow Ties

1.   Reclaimed Vintage Bow Tie, $28.14

Image 1 of Reclaimed Vintage Bow Tie

2.  Stripe Bow Tie, $14.07

Image 1 of ASOS Stripe Bow Tie

3.  Forever 21 Leather Bow Tie, $7.90

4.  A Beautiful Mess Bow Tie DIY – Super easy, ridiculously cheap, and fully customizable!
2. High-Waisted Shorts

Jade is also known for her high-waisted shorts, which she wears in both her street style as well as dressed up for events and other more dressy occasions.  When dressed up, it makes a formal outfit more playful and unexpected, which I personally love.

1.  Forever 21 Ditsy Feline Shorts, $17.80

With a unique, fun print, these shorts could easily transform any outfit, and could be dressed up or down easily.

2.  Forever 21 Metallic-Blend Jacquard Shorts, $19.80

These have a similar look to shorts Jade has worn to formal events in the past, and would definitely give an outfit a Jade Thirwall vibe.

3.  Forever 21 Cuffed High-Waisted Shorts, $19.80

These shorts are quite simple, but could easily be dressed up or down, and the youthful, bright color keeps them fun and eccentric.

3. Button Down Shirt

Another Jade Thirlwall signature is the button down shirt.  Long or short sleeved, these are a must, and can be tucked into skirts or shorts to achieve a classic Jade look.

1. Forever 21 Crochet Trim Button-Down, $19.80

2.  Forever 21 Scalloped Collar Shirt, $17.80

3.  Forever 21 Polka Dot Denim Shirt, $17.80

Pair one of these button down shirts with a bow tie, tucked into a pair of high waisted shorts and you’ve got the perfect Jade Thirlwall inspired signature look!

I didn’t include shoes in this post because, to be honest, Jade typically just wears any type of eclectic or unusual shoe,  usually heels.  If she’s not wearing heels, she typically wears high tops.  For budget-conscious high tops, check my blog post from yesterday!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!  Who would you like to see in future feature fridays?  Let me know!

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Instagram: raerush


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