HDYS Graphic Knits?

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Now, wether it’s on runway, red carpet, or on the streets of your city, graphic knits are everywhere at the moment.  What’s not to love about having a cozy sweater with some type of woodland creature, vibrant pattern, or quirky catchphrase on the front?  It’s whimsical and childish in all of the right ways, without coming across as too juvenile.  It’s all about the styling, really.  They can easily be dressed up or down, just as a normal sweater could, but with the added quirky touch of having the graphic element.  I’ve scoured the internet’s fashion blogs, and found several examples of very different, but realistic, ways to wear a graphic sweater from real people in real life settings.

This first example is a casual, everyday way to wear a graphic knit, which comes from L’s Fashion Dish.  She chose to go minimal on accessories, letting the bright graphic speak for itself, but added edge to the look with a pair of studded ankle strap flats.  

Personally, this look is a little too preppy for how I would wear it.  I prefer something a bit rougher, similar to the casual look Anna from Fashion From My Closet put together.

The outfit has a much more hipster vibe to it, and, coming from someone who wears way too much black, I love the monochromatic black and gray color scheme with the pop of color from the backpack.  Not to mention that the shoes are killer.

So, technically speaking, this isn’t a sweater, but I’m still counting it because I adore the way this Boy London sweatshirt found on The Fashion Folio is styled.  First of all, I love the idea of putting a collared shirt underneath to dress it up a bit without making it look too fussy.  The necklace keeps it looking feminine, while a simple hairstyle keeps it casual and daytime appropriate.

Just because it’s whimsical doesn’t mean it can’t look nice for a meal out or to a party.  Take a cue from Helena at Brooklyn Blonde, and don’t be afraid to wear a graphic sweater in a chic way.

The leather skirt and black heels make the look extremely chic, trendy, and help to toughen up an otherwise soft look.

The last look for this post comes from Supercalifashionistic.  I’m kind of obsessed, honestly.  The necklace keeps it from looking too frumpy, while the leggings under the oversized top keep it in proportion.  Also, can we talk about how awesome those shoes are?  Extremely on trend way to wear a graphic knit.

And last, but not least, here’s some links to my picks for affordable graphic sweaters.

Forever 21 Wolf Sweater, $19.80

Forever 21 “Never Look Back” Sweater, $22.80

Aeropostale Cropped Leopard Pullover, $16.00

Modcloth Bulldog Sweater, $49.99

ASOS Tiger Sweater, $52.77

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you got something out of it and you’re inspired to try some graphic knits yourself now:)


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